We discovered the Italian design brand Covo in 2006 at a fair we both attended in the pretty city of Verona, on its soil!

However, Covo is not only Italian: it is a clever mix between an Italian identity and international roots; between an interpretation of traditional know-how and resolutely contemporary creations that bring a real identity to the decoration.

Patères et porte-manteau design de la marque italienne Covo


An all-Italian freedom of creation

What distinguishes the creations of the Covo brand is a great freedom in the interpretation of forms and uses of design. The creations of the designers it publishes play with the obvious and shake up our habits, thus offering new creations that stand out without going over to the side of the trendy object which we will get tired of after a few weeks or a few months. ...

Thus, the Latva series of coat racks have the graphic evidence of a natural element reminiscent of branches; but also a refined and contemporary aesthetic that allows it to adapt to all interiors.

Add to that the choice of colors, which range from classic shades like black and white, to more lively and original shades, and you have a design piece typical of Italian design: bold and elegant, functional and original. The type of design piece that signs the decorative atmosphere of your space; whether private or professional.

Horloge contemporaine Tiuku de la marque italienne Covo  

An inspired design !

The creations of the Covo brand are part of the tradition of Italian and even international creation. Its contemporary Tiuku clock is thus a reinterpretation, as refined as it is audacious in its simplicity, of traditional wooden dressers. This current clock is made of metal, with large slender legs and a contrasting pendulum that stands out against its slender silhouette. It offers a lightness that contrasts in our imagination with the massiveness of its ancestors.

Playing with extremes, the Comtoise Tiuku is truly an amazing piece of design that will bring a lot of personality to the interior that welcomes it.

Beyond its function as a clock, it dialogues by its very form between the past and the present time. It occupies an important place by its format but in an elegant way thanks to its proportions and the materials used. Thus Tiuku is truly a piece of design destined to accompany you for a long time.


 Valet de chambre pour vêtement design Alfred par Covo

Design creations with worked details

Finally, the design creations of the Italian brand Covo are distinguished by a subtle attention to detail. Whether in the notches on the Alfred valet designed to best accommodate your personal belongings; or on the original color work of the Moonlight mirror by Richard Hutten which, affixed to the back of the object, definitively creates a colored halo on the wall all around the mirror.

It is truly these attentions that give identity and value to these pieces of design. They thus refer to the best examples of Italian design that have stood the test of time.

By combining all the values ​​that have made the success of Italian design over the last decades; namely a subtle balance between tradition and innovation, audacity and elegance... the original creations of the Italian brand Covo constitute a new benchmark of quality on the international design scene.

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Bella scoperta ! 

Miroir Moonlight par la marque de design Italien Covo