La Case de Cousin Paul


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    • Premium light garland made up of 20 balls of polyester thread 7 cm in diameter which are equipped with a patented clip Available in 4 color sets Premium transparent cable of 20 LEDs with switch: length 1.70 m from the first to the last LED plus 1.50 m from the transformer to the first LED, 9 cm between each LED Indoor use Design La Case de Cousin Paul

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    • La Petite Case garland for children's room composed of 16 polyester thread balls 5.5 cm in diameter. It works with a switch: - 1st click: 100% light intensity - 2nd click: night light mode / 50% light intensity - long click: timer mode activated: the garland will turn off after 3 hours Available in 4 assorted colors

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    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items