Terms and conditions of use

ARTICLE 1 - Object :

1a The present Terms of Sale (also called General Sale Conditions) define the terms and conditions pursuant to which an individual consumer or a corporation, French or foreign, (hereafter "The Customer") orders and buys the products sold by La Corbeille Editions on its Website LaCorbeille.fr.

ARTICLE 2 - Acceptance of these Terms of Sale :

2a The order of products implies the entire and clear adherence of the customer to these Terms of Sale, exclusive of any other document such as leaflets, catalogues or commercial offers issued by LaCorbeille.fr.

2b Prior to the final confirmation of the product order, the customer must state that he knows and agrees with these Terms of Sale by checking the box "I have read and agree with the Terms of Sale", then by clicking the button bellow the sentence "Click below to confirm and save your order" displayed on the screen.

2c The present Terms of Sale governs all product sales irrespective of the recipient's location and with respect to the special conditions displayed on LaCorbeille.fr. Unless formally and previously agreed to in writing by LaCorbeille.fr, no other terms or conditions can prevail over these Terms of sale.

2d Therefore, any contrary terms or conditions asserted by the customer, failing any express prior the written acceptance by LaCorbeille.fr, will be not be valid or enforceable.

ARTICLE 3 - Orders :
3a To place an order for a product, the customer must identify himself, agree with the Terms of Sale and confirm his order.

3b A customer who wishes to place an order must identify himself. To do this, he must fill in a form made available to him on line. The information provided by the customer will include his name, first name and/or company name as well as his e-mail address, personal address and/or address of delivery, if its is different, and his telephone number.

3c The customer must also provide a password that will be personal and confidential. La Corbeille Edition reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the data entered by the customer and more specifically the identity and physical address of the customer. In order to verify the customer's identity, La Corbeille Editions may require a copy of an ID card before shipping any order.

3d The customer, if not an individual consumer, is responsible for all the persons to whom he communicates his confidential login information and for all orders placed using his confidential login information. As a result, the customer will not argue any order placed using its personal and confidential login information.

3e The customer should inform La Corbeille Editions as soon as he knows that a third party is using his e-mail address and password without his consent. The customer agrees that the fact of entering these two identification codes is considered as a proof of identity.

3f La Corbeille Editions hereby informs the customer that the information communicated by him within the framework of the order is automatically recorded as nominative data constituting the Customers' files and/or a detailed invoicing. According to the provisions of Article 34 of the Law "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978, the customer has the right to access and rectify the said files held by LaCorbeille.fr.

3g The customer chooses the products he wishes to buy, then confirms his order (once and for all), by entering his credit card number and its date of expiration. Then he must click on the icon "Confirm my Order" displayed on the screen. This way the order is immediately recorded and an e-mail that indicate the total price of the order in Euros, the order number and a hyperlink to the Website where the customer can view a list of the products purchased, will be accessible by the customer.

ARTICLE 4 - Conclusion of the sale contract :
4a All the commercial information appearing on LaCorbeille.fr does not legally constitute an offer or a contract. The sales contract between the customer and LaCorbeille.fr will only be entered into after the customer has placed his order.

4b Acceptance or refusal of the Order by La Corbeille Editions is indicated to the customer within a maximum of 24 hours following the receipt of his order by electronic mail, contingent upon LaCorbeille.fr validating the customer's payment.

ARTICLE 5 - Prices and terms of payment :

5a The prices of the products displayed on the Website are exclusive of taxes and certain other expenses (VAT, shipping charges, tariffs, insurance, local and/or excise taxes). The final price of the products the customer intends to order, is indicated in the "Shopping Cart" screen of his order and includes the following :

1. The price exclusive of taxes and expenses ;
2. The amount of discount, (if applicable) ;
3. The amount of the value added tax (if applicable) ;
4. The shipping and handling charges.

5b Prices are denominated and payable in Euros. Any Prices mentioned in currencies others than the Euro are given for information purposes only.

5c Prices are subject to change. La Corbeille Editions will inform the customer of any change in price prior to any new order.

5d Le client sera toujours informé avant l'enregistrement définitif de sa commande des frais de livraison liés à la dite commande, et le paiement sera demandé au client pour le montant total de l'achat, intégrant les prix des articles commandés plus les frais de livraison. Ainsi, la confirmation d'accord de paiement de la commande par le client implique que ce dernier accepte de payer les frais de livraison afférents. Les frais de livraison ne peuvent donc constituer une raison valable de remise en cause de la commande après son enregistrement définitif.

5e The customer have several possible means of payment on LaCorbeille.fr offering a maximum of security and guarantees.

1. By credit card : The customer should indicate his credit card number, his date of validity, and the three last numbers on the back of his card, directly in the zone foresaw to this effect (payments are secured by SSL encryption and guaranteed by CyberMut, a partner selected for his hyper reliability regarding on line payments on the Internet. Please visit this address for more informations about our partner by clicking on its logo :

Credit cards accepted by La Corbeille Editions are the following : Visa and Mastercard.

2. By checks : Deliveries will be effective after cashing the customer's check. However, corporations may pay by wire transfer or checks in US Dollars or Euros. Please contact us befor ordering anything on line

5f The Customer may print the invoice online once the order is shipped.


ARTICLE 6 - Shipping and delivery :

6a The products are delivered to the address indicated by the customer within a reasonable time according to the destination of the order and the conditions specific to the shipping carrier. La Corbeille Editions cannot be held responsible if a delivery is unduly.

6b The shipping charges are not included in the product price. These charges vary according to the country of delivery. The actual shipping cost is indicated on the summary screen before the customer confirms his order on LaCorbeille.fr.

6c Tariffs, duties and local taxes in the recipient's country, if applicable, are born by the customer.

6d The Responsibility for the lost or damaged products by the shipping carrier is under the responsability of LaCorbeille.fr until delivery to the recipient. In case of damaged or missing products, the customer must notify La Corbeille Editions by registered mail or by electronic mail within 24 hours following delivery and return immediately the products to :

La Corbeille Editions,
22 Hameau Le Plessier
77 510 Sablonnières - France

6e La Corbeille Editions cannot be held responsible if the addressee is not present at the time of delivery and/or if the Customer (or the person designated by the Customer) does not pick up the products at the carrier's office, after the Carrier delivers a note to the addressee.

6f No claim will be accepted under these conditions. If the above-mentioned procedure has been followed and if it has been proved that the products are considerably damaged, LaCorbeille.fr will reimburse the full price to the customer or will deliver similar replacement products.

ARTICLE 7 - Intellectual property :

7a All Website components and packaging components are the exclusive property of LaCorbeille.fr. The images, texts, name and logo appearing on LaCorbeille.fr and all products are the intellectual property of La Corbeille Editions.

7b The customer agrees not to reproduce, adapt, transfer to third parties, market, represent, translate or modify any of the Protected Elements. Any utilization contrary to the TERMS OF SALE constitutes an act of counterfeiting.

7c The Customer, if not an individual consumer, grants LaCorbeille.fr a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use its logo and trademark and similar identifying materials for the sole purpose of corporate gift customization in accordance with the designs mutually agreed on by the parties.

7d In every case, delivery can only be carried out if the customer has completed his obligations of payments to La Corbeille Editions.

7e If, in the case of La Corbeille Editions is not being able to deliver the article in the indicated time limit, the customer will be proposed a replacement product of the same price as the purchased one or a reimbursement.

ARTICLE 8 - Responsibility :

8a LaCorbeille.fr cannot be held responsible for any resulting harm or damages on any delivered products. Similarly, LaCorbeille.fr will not be responsible if it does not comply with the legislative or regulatory provisions in force in the country of delivery.

8b LaCorbeille.fr is only responsible for compliance with the French and European regulations as it relates to the Products. The customer is responsible for the payment of all tariffs, duties or local taxes if applicable in the recipient's country.

ARTICLE 9 - Right of Withdrawal :

9a According to article 121-16 of the French Consumption Code, the Customer must return the Products to La Corbeille Editions at his own expense within seven (7) business days following the product delivery and request an exchange or reimbursement.

9b The request for exchange or reimbursement shall be sent to La Corbeille Editions by either an electronic message or a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt confirmed by La Corbeille Editions.

ARTICLE 10 - Guarantees :

10a La Corbeille Editions assures that the products are manufactured in France without lead respecting the strict European norms and standards of quality.

10b Moreover La Corbeill Editions cannot be held responsible in case of Force Majeure as defined and recognized by the French Law.

10c La Corbeille Editions guarantees to never sell, rent or transmit member's personal informations to any third party.

ARTICLE 11 - Applicable Law :

11a The law applicable to the present Terms of Sale is governed under French law.

11b If the customer is a corporation, all disputes related to the present Terms of Sale will be submitted to the exclusive competence of the courts of the jurisdiction of Paris.