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      An elective design brands selection

      Since its creation in 2003, has made you share its favorites in the world of design and decoration with an eclectic and subjective selection that mixes the essential brands of the current design scene, Ibride, Mustache, Eno, Flensted, Diamantini & Domeniconi ... but also emerging talents tha...

      An elective design brands selection

      Since its creation in 2003, has made you share its favorites in the world of design and decoration with an eclectic and subjective selection that mixes the essential brands of the current design scene, Ibride, Mustache, Eno, Flensted, Diamantini & Domeniconi ... but also emerging talents that LaCorbeille is often the first to reference; like the French brand Edition Compagnie that we have been offering since 2004 ... or more recently fashion and jewelry brands, Lilas Force and Tinne + Mia ...

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      • 100DRINE Edition


        The coming back of 100drine boxes

        After the first series published by Sentou, which met an international success, in 2014, the famous graphic designer Sandrine Fabre, aka 100DRINE decides to self-publish to propose to all her fans to find his famous "boxes" in their original and vintage version; but also new models like the New Beauty Box to store makeup, jewelry ...

      • Andrée Jardin

        Andrée Jardin

        Tradition and audacity.

        Andrée Jardin is a company established in Nantes since 1947 that offers household and kitchen brushes with a high quality artisanal production. With these brushes and brooms well drawn, it is no longer necessary to hide these utilitarian objects in a closet; and then, their design and quality also make their use more enjoyable everyday!

      • Arkheia vase in concrete


        Poetic use of concrete in the house

        Specialized in concrete work on all scales, Arkehia manufactures the poetic vases of Urbanoïd: decorative objects with clean lines and contemporary.

      • Atelier Pierre

        Atelier Pierre

        Belgian brand which asserts its status as a family business and which publishes the creations of young and talented designers ...

      • Atomic Soda

        Atomic Soda: from the graphic to the object

        Since 1996, Atomic Soda has been working with designers and graphic designers, whose creations she edits to cover all fields of design expression; it started with postcards and stationery ... but today it offers complete ranges in decoration universe : from dishes to lighting; cushions to service trays

      • Authentics


        For more than 25 years, Authentics has distinguished itself in the world of design with creations mainly using plastics for objects with clean forms and very affordable prices.

      • Atypyk


        French design brand founded in 1999 which offers everyday objects which, beyond their form and function, make sense and involve the intelligence and imagination of the user.

      • Baby Bites

        By offering sleeping bags for babies, but also for children up to 5 years, shark-shaped, the Spanish brand Baby Bites is blowing a wind of novelty and insolence in the world of children!

      • BacSac


        French brand which was among the first to offer geotextile bags in France as an alternative to the planters of our grandmothers, Bacsac has been developing for several years accessories for the garden, indoors or outdoors, which combine technical performance and aesthetic qualities. ...

      • Black + Blum

        Black & Blum

        English brand that offers functional objects of everyday life with a neat and thoughtful design. Many of their creations have been rewarded in international competitions.

      • Bleu Carmin

        Bleu Carmin

        Young French design brand that offers metal products in bright colors and impeccable finishes!

      • Buo Kids

        Buo Kids

        Spanish design brand Buo Kids offers lights for children made by hand with natural materials: for a warm light ... and a little extra soul!

      • By Nord

        By Nord

        Straight from Denmark, the By Nord brand happily combines the values of Scandinavian design: homage to nature, quality of 100% natural materials and purity of lines and graphics.

      • Charles VIANCIN

        Charles Viancin

        Established on the shores of Lake Annecy, the Charles Viancin company founded in 2005 offers designer, innovative, functional and affordable kitchen accessories. Its lids exclusively use a natural material, silicone, without bisphenol A for healthy and happy cooking!

      • Cloudnola


        Dutch brand, Cloudnola offers decorative objects with an original and careful design and in particular magnificent clocks

      • Compagnie

        Discover the brand Compagnie

        Compagnie is a French design brand created in 2003 by the architect Jean-François Bellemère whose creations use often noble materials for a timeless design.

      • COOKUT


        Practical and aesthetic kitchen accessories

        Cookut is a French brand based in the Lyon region which offers products in the world of cooking that are practical and innovative in terms of function, quality and design. Perfect for gifts, the boxes for making pancakes, vegetarian aperitifs ... as well as the pretty, light casserole dish have become in just a few years the must-have of all cooking lovers.

      • Covo


        Brand of design that comes from Italy and offers objects both very sober and, at the same time, imbued with a strong personality; like their contemporary comtoise Tiuku.

      • Creativando

        Creativity and passion are the let-motiv of the Italian brand CREATIVANDO which, since the 90s, offers singular and useful objects.

      • Creature Cup

        Creature Cups

        Brand that comes from Brooklyn, New York, USA, Creature Cup pulls out all the stops by bringing out in its cups creatures that we see appear, as we drink our tea or coffee.

      • Danish Crafts

        Danish Craft

        The Danish Craft brand brings together Danish designers that it distributes throughout the world: for original creations at the edge of art, craftsmanship and design.

      • Diamantini & Domeniconi

        Diamantini & Domeniconi

        Contemporary clock specialist

        Since 1965, the Italian brand Diamantini & Domeniconi has distinguished itself in the world of watchmaking with, in particular, quality cuckoo clocks with traditional mechanisms and very contemporary shapes. For a few years now, the brand has also been offering decorative objects that combine know-how and current design in the same way.

      • Ditto

        Ditto Byline

        Portuguese design brand, Ditto Byline offers storage cabinets with a clean design and refined colors at a very reasonable price ... Medicine or spice cabinets, document holder or key ring ... These practical and aesthetic storage units will find their place in all the rooms of the house!

      • Domestic

        Domestic design brand

        Domestic offers collections of decorative objects and wall stickers designed by the greatest designers and graphic designers of the moment.

      • Donkey Products

        Design brand Donkey product

        The German brand Donkey Product is playing with the fashions and borders between tradition and technology and offers wooden toys for children with beautiful finishes, which are a nod to connected objects: smartphone or mobile phone in particular.

      • Dutch Design Brand

        Dutch brand that offers affordable collections that respect the environment and people.

      • Ebulobo


        Creator of early learning toys, the Ebulobo brand offers a collection that promotes the development of toddlers by promoting the playful and emotional side.

      • Eef Lillemore

        Eef Lillemore is a Dutch brand created by Eva, interior designer, illustrator, photographer ... and mom. It offers collections with soft shapes and colors that will accompany children in their early years.


        Egmont toys

        Belgian brand created in 1994 which enchants the world of children with toys, soft toys, lights ... both qualitative and original; like the famous mushroom lamp which brings a little magic to the world of children.

      • Ekobo


        The Ekobo brand offers a range of colored bamboo fiber tableware that will be suitable for everyday use, for children or for the whole family, for the home or for the picnic ...

      • Elise LEFEBVRE

        Elise Lefebvre

        Enter in the wonderful world of Elise LEFEBVRE: craft ceramics populated by small animals and inhabited by the spirit of nature ...

      • Eno

      • ÉSÉ

        ÉSÉ (label edition) is a French design brand based in Saint Etienne that boasts an author design: "For ÉSÉ, there are no objects without stories".

      • Flensted

        Flensted, Danish mobile specialist

        For more than 60 years, the Danish brand Flensted has created graphic and poetic mobiles that bring a breath of elegance and contemporaneity to all spaces of the house ...

      • FOONKA


        Thanks to a high-quality digital printing, the bed linen collections from the Polish brand Foonka transform your bed into a soft cradle of nature: natural spirit therefore, but also modern in graphics and humorous with all the little things to find scattered around in the pattern, like the famous needle in a haystack!

      • Forestier


        Lighting designer since 1992, the material of choice for the French brand Forestier has always been metal.

        When, in 2012, the lighting editor decided to invest in the field of design lighting, the brand was enriched by numerous collaborations and creations signed by the greatest designers of the moment: Arik Levy - Laurence Brabant - Emmanuel Gallina - Christian Ghion - Noé Duchaufour-Lawrence - Elise Fouin - Jette Scheib - Anon Pairot- Katarina Sokolova - Marc Venot ...

      • Gazzda


        Bosnian furniture brand, Gazzda anchors its creations in the Mediterranean Basin where it is established. Gazzda is inspired by the surrounding nature in creations imbued with great lightness and softness, both to the touch and to the eye.

      • Greyge Design


        High-end Italian furniture brand, Greyge designs and manufactures furniture pieces with a subtle and timeless design 100% designed and made in Italy. The materials and finishes are of the highest quality and respectful of the environment: for a durable and elegant design.

      • Hartô

        Hartô's mission is to collect, accompany and disseminate the icons of design tomorrow.

      • Helvetiq

      • Hollandische Waaren

        Hollandische Waaren

        Dutch brand, Hollandische Waaren declines with subtlety and humor both the know-how - such as ceramics - and the icons of his country: whether it is the little rabbit Miffy created by Dick Burna, or even legends like the hen with golden eggs ...

      • Ibride


        French design brand

        Privileging the Made in France, mixing traditional know-how and advanced techniques, Ibride offers original and unpublished collections.


        Ichendorf Milano

        Design and tableware brand

        Ichendorf Milano is the rigor of German manufacturing associated with Italian creativity that gives birth to glass collections with original design and flawless realization: beautiful objects designed to last!

      • Ideaco


        Japanese design brand, Ideaco offers you, all in subtlety and elegance, simple and well-designed objects to make your life easier: what more could you ask for?

      • Ilsang Isang Brand

        At midway between dream and reality, the creations of the Korean Design brand Ilsang Isang proposes objetcsthat are really graphic and tht are often rich of several uses...

      • Kiko +

        Kiko +

        Welcome to the dreamlike and childish universe of the Japanese brand Kiko +: original games that bring full imagination.

      • Kinto


        Japanese design brand, Kinto offers creations between tradition and modernity. From the glass tea cup incorporating the filter for one person to the porcelain container playing with transparency and revealing a whole magical bestiary, Kinto uses its traditional know-how to give birth to magical objects.

      • Koa Koa

        Koa Koa

        New French brand in the world of games, Koa Koa offers both educational and creative sets intended for children from 5 years old and designed by designers.

      • Konstantin Slavinski

        Konstantin Slavinski

        Welcome to the world of the German brand Konstantin Slavinski, where daily objects are adorned with pretty colors and offer design and practical objects at a low price.

      • La Case de Cousin Paul

      • La Corbeille Editions

        Made in France design since 1997

        Founded in 1997, La Corbeille Editions offers original creations drawn by designers from all backgrounds.
        Timeless and distinguished, La Corbeille editions stand out for the touch of humor or poetry that adds to the primary function of each object: tables, lights, rugs, bookcases, coat racks ... interior styles while giving them remarkable character and elegance.
        The manufacturing has always been done in France; in addition to the social and ecological impact of this decision, it guarantees certain manufacturing qualities.

      • La Corbeille Vintage

        La Corbeille Vintage

        Selection of vintage design to buy

        Founded in 1997 by Fabien Bonillo La Corbeille is one of the oldest vintage design brands in France. At the origin of the internationally recognized event Les Puces du Design, La Corbeille offers a selection of period pieces, original and in very good condition; signed by the greatest designers of the 20th century or by creators yet to be discovered.

      • Les Jouets Libres

        Les Jouets Libres

        Brand of original toys 100% Made in France

        Les Jouets Libres is a French brand of toys that offers original toys between tradition and novelty.

      • Lexon

      • Bookstore Michael Seksik

        Bookstore Michael Seksik

        A bookseller settled in Paris since 1996, Michael Seksik is specialized in books, posters and illustrations from the modern to contemporary period.

      • Lilas Force

        Lilas Force

        The creator of Lilas Force designs jewels of infinite delicacy from elements that she creates herself and which combine glass and textiles. A know-how that derives from the excellence of artistic craftsmanship for collections of jewelry that are each time unique and imbued with extreme poetry.

      • Lucie KAAS

        Lucie Kaas

        Danish design brand, Lucie Kaas claims total freedom in terms of its modes of inspiration and expression ... It offers in particular colored wooden egg cups reminiscent of traditional egg cups; but also lighting with clean and elegant lines.

      • Make International

        Make International

        English brand of tableware which collaborates with designers from various horizons to offer original and optimistic collections.

      • Mana'o nani

        A collection of accessories and comforters for children imagined and made in Poland by gentle dreamers ... Your children will love this funny characters and ultra soft materials! Parents on their side will appreciate the packaging and the attention to detail of these very original creations!

      • Maron Bouillie

        Maron Bouillie

        French brand that decorates everyday objects with digital prints that give them a touch of freshness, humor and poetry. With a very qualitative French manufacture, the unexpected creations of Maron Bouillie will bring you a touch of graphic and poetic nature.

      • MAOMI design

      • Mathy By Bols

        Mathy by Bols

        At the same time publishers and manufacturers, the Belgians of Mathy by Bols insuflent a little poetry in the universe of the nursery.

      • Memobottle


        Memobottle allows you to make a choice that is both practical, aesthetic and ecological to take your drink with you outside, at the office or on your bedside table thanks to a collection of ultra-thin and all transparent water bottles.

      • Meri Meri Universe

        Velvet cushions, original organic cotton scarves and fantastic costumes ... Welcome to the magical and tinged world of childhood from Meri Meri.

      • Monk and Anna

      • Moustache

        Design brand Moustache

        Founded in 2009 by Stéphane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Iorio, the publishing house Mustache offers a collection of furniture and objects designed by designers from diverse backgrounds who share a strong ethical and aesthetic approach.

      • MüllernKontor


        Made up of a duo of German designers, MüllernKontor has been offering, since 2013, a collection of products designed to last and using both new technologies and craftsmanship from northern Germany.

      • Muuto

        Clean lines and fifties accents, deep colors or pastel ambiences ... the collections of the Danish brand Muuto correspond absolutely to the needs and desires of the time.

      • Nuukk


        German brand, Nuukk has first developed its activity around paper and gradually gained all areas of decoration and design: kitchen, tableware and textile accessories.

      • Objekto


        Located in the South of France, this brand of French design reissues creations designed in the decades passed by Brazilian designers and whose contemporary accents appear to us as obvious.

      • Pa Design

        Pa Design

        French design Brand

        Since 1996, Pa Design has been enchanting the world of design with a selection of everyday objects tinged with either a touch of humor or a touch of poetry.

      • Petite Friture

        Made famous by the resounding and deserved success of the suspension Vertigo C. Guisset, Petite Friture is one of the essential French design brands

      • Play and Go

        Play & go

        Storage bags / rugs with an original design

        The success of the Play & Go bag is international. This bag is indeed perfect since both it serves as storage and, at the same time, it decorates the children's room or living rooms with its wide choice of exclusive patterns. In addition, once opened, it can be used as a play mat and, once closed, it allows you to take your favorite toys everywhere!

      • Poetic wall by Mel & Kio

        Poetic and graphic texts and drawings declined in sticker:

        A perfect way to bring, it is according to, humor and poetry, on the walls of your house.

      • Presse Citron

        Presse Citron design

        Publishing house that offers collections of furniture, objects and lighting for the home 100% Made in France.

      • Puik


        A selective design brand, Puik only works with a few designers whose requirements it shares; each creation is original, and made from the best materials.

      • Qualy

        Design brand Qualy

        The Qualy brand has a vision of design (and of life) which, through simple and useful objects, often gives rise to a small smile; like this polar bear in the middle of cotton swabs or this camel in a pepper desert ...

      • Studio Roof

        Studio Roof

        Dutch brand of accessories and furniture Studio Roof has for leitmotif childhood, imagination, love of beautiful things ...

      • Superpetit

      • Räder

        Design brand Räder

        Räder is a German brand which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018 and enchants everyday life with creations that combine emotion and refinement. His porcelain creations in particular are of great delicacy and will not cease to move us!

      • Raumgestalt


        German brand, Raumgestalt favors the simplicity and the quality of the sensations offered by the objects that surround us. It offers collections of timeless lighting and decorative objects, all produced in short supply in the region of Germany where the company is established: sustainable design, c-designed to last!

      • Reine Mère

      • Rock and Pebbles

        Rock & Pebbles

        A company on a human scale, Rock & Pebbles offers home accessories, games and stationery with an original design. Their philosophy: "Natural, non toxic, sustainable is our goal. Imaginative, playful and artistic is our soul."

      • Sentou

        French brand founded in 1947 that offers an original and colorful lifestyle.

      • Sirch


        German publisher and manufacturer of wooden toys and children's furniture with clean lines and robust finishes. All of the brand's creations are produced in the Sirch workshops in Germany.

      • Sticky Lemon

      • String


        Modular shelves system created in 1949, which is elegant, efficient, and infinitely scalable. Its vintage and industrial accents will allow it to adapt to all contemporary interiors.

      • Ubang


        Children's fashion brand from Denmark, Ubang offers more than clothes, it invites play and the development of the imagination ...

      • La Corbeille Vintage selection

        Founded in 1997 by Fabien Bonillo La Corbeille is one of the oldest vintage design brands in France. At the origin of the internationally recognized event Les Puces du Design, La Corbeille offers a selection of period pieces, original and in very good condition; signed by the greatest designers of the 20th century or by creators yet to be discovered.

      • TEO


        TEO are the initials of Timeless Everyday Objects.

        It is a young German lighting brand founded by Lena Billmeier and David Baur which offers a very qualitative and very elegant range of lamps to be placed or suspended. Great care is always taken in the choice and work of materials; as well as the refinement of colors.

      • Studio Galula

        Studio Galula

        Portuguese design studio whose creations perfectly combine function and decorative spirit, like the Pendura coat racks with a clean and elegant design that will take their place with class in your entrances or in your rooms!

      • Tinne + Mia

      • Tung Design

      • Tsé Tsé

        Tse Tse

        The objects of Tsé Tsé & associés are easy to live with. Manufactured in noble materials, often by hand and in small series, they do not seek to impress at first glance: it is by using them that they are appreciated ...

      • Wee Gallery

        Wee Gallery

        Wee Gallery is a family affair : Surya, a graphic designer, Dave, a teacher and their two children are working together to figure out new sets objects with chosen animals with design that stimulates imagination.

      • Van Tjalle en Jasper

        Van Tjalle en Jasper

        The Dutch brand Van Tjalle en Jasper offers designer objects and lighting made from a minimum of material but for maximum effect!

      • Wild & Soft

        Wild & Soft

        Belgian brand for children, Wild & Soft is committed to bringing wild nature into our interiors but in the greatest softness ... It offers in particular fake plush animal skins that can be used as disguise, of rugs and plaids for the greatest pleasure of children.