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La Case de Cousin Paul est une marque de luminaires française qui s'est fait connaître internationalement avec ses guirlandes de boules lumineuses.

Les guirlandes lumineuses de la marque La Case de Cousin Paul sont devenues un luminaire incontournable du design actuel : elles illuminent évidemment l'espace tout en lui apportant aussi un style, une chaleur propres à ces luminaires informels.

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  • Premium light garland made up of 20 balls of polyester thread 7 cm in diameter which are equipped with a patented clip Available in 4 color sets Premium transparent cable of 20 LEDs with switch: length 1.70 m from the first to the last LED plus 1.50 m from the transformer to the first LED, 9 cm between each LED Indoor use Design La Case de Cousin Paul

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  • La Petite Case garland for children's room composed of 16 polyester thread balls 5.5 cm in diameter. It works with a switch: - 1st click: 100% light intensity - 2nd click: night light mode / 50% light intensity - long click: timer mode activated: the garland will turn off after 3 hours Available in 4 assorted colors

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items