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Need a table lamp, a lamppost, a desk lamp or a pendant light ? On La you could discover a rich collection of design lighting.

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    Design pendant light with Japanese accents Lacquered metal and blown glass Available in two colors: glossy black or matt red Dimensions: diam 33 - H. 22 cm Design: Lena Billmeier and David Baur

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  • Wall light in metal and Perspex by designer Pierre Vandel Offers mood lighting (with 2 bulbs and a diffuser) and directional lighting by an adjustable spotlight 1970s design Period model in good condition Dim. 53 × 34 × 14 cm

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  • Tyvek* star-shaped wall lamp Supplied with a 2m long white cable (with plug and switch) and an LED bulb. A Tyvek hook is located on the back of the wall lamp to allow it to be hung on the wall. There is also a zipper to change the bulb. 48 cm

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  • Wall light made up of 3 gray lacquered metal discs (two shades available - diam. 22.5 and 26cm), a magnetic socket with switch and a textile electric cable 3.5m long. The light point can easily be moved from one disc to another. Design Benjamin Faure for La Corbeille Made in France

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  • Wall light consisting of 3 lacquered metal discs, a light bulb with magnetic base and switch and a textile electric cable.Each disc has a different hue that combines different shades of gray and red, blue or black.Each of the discs can serve as a support for the light point and the electric cable is both functional and decorative element.

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  • Wall lamp for moving the light point, magnetized and embellished with a switch, from one to the other of the 3 lacquered metal discs which serve as its support.Diam. from each disc 22.5 cmTextile cable length: 3.5mDesign Benjamin Faure for La CorbeilleMade in France

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  • Original wall lamp composed of a sticker, a bracket and a socket equipped with an electric cable with switch. Available in two cable colors: white or red Design Alice Rosignoli for Pa Design

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  • Table lamp with double LED lighting initially designed for the TGV Euroduplex l'Océane and available for domestic interiors. Available in 5 colors: red, blue, khaki, dark grey and white Dimensions: H 28.5cm / L 27.5cm / l 9cm Design Ionna Vautrin for Moustache

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  • Textile cable with socket and rosette for the ceiling in white or black metal to create your own lights. Available in white or yellow Cable length 3.50m For E27 bulb not included

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  • Floor lamp with solid oak base, structure in white or black lacquered metal and PVC lampshade. Height 160cm - E27 bulb (not included) up to 100W Design Jocelyn Deris for La Corbeille Made in France

    390,00 €
  • Small table lamp consisting of a base in oak plywood and a shade in recycled polypropylene available in three soft and tangy colors. Diam 10.2 x H. 28cm Design Constance Guisset for Moustache

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  • This pendant light, created by the designer Jocelyn Deris in 2008, occupies the space with elegance. With its red fabric electric cable eccentric, it can adapt to all configurations.

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    Small table lamp in wood, metal and PVC lampshade Available in two structural colors: black or white Diameter: 14cm - Height 30 cm Design Jocelyn Deris for La Corbeille Made in France

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    A lamp to bring everywhere you go in the house Design 5,5 Designers for La Corbeille éditions

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  • Very original multi-purpose object: both light fixture, shelf and magnetic panel Can be installed or fixed to the wall Available in 4 color combinations Dim L 27cm x D 14 cm x H 39.5 cm Design Ilsang Isang

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    White and red raccoon head shaped wall lamp made from recycled felt LED max 8W, GX53 bulb included, CE tested Dim 39 x 38 x 5.5 cm Design BuoKids

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  • Premium light garland made up of 20 balls of polyester thread 7 cm in diameter which are equipped with a patented clip Available in 4 color sets Premium transparent cable of 20 LEDs with switch: length 1.70 m from the first to the last LED plus 1.50 m from the transformer to the first LED, 9 cm between each LED Indoor use Design La Case de Cousin Paul

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  • Suspension in tinted or natural MDF to assemble yourselfSun: Diam. 57cm x Height. 26cmMaterial: 3 mm MDF treated with pigmented boiled linseed oilSimple and quick assemblyDesign: Van Tjalle in Jasper

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  • Large Papillon (butterfly) pendant lamp Dimensions: H. 65cm - Diam. 100cm: ideal for large volumes Structure in white, black, gray-blue or 3-color lacquered metal Design Elise Fouin for Forestier

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  • Papillon XS pendant lamp in lacquered metal Available in 3 colors: white, black or champagne Dimensions: H. 25cm - Diam. 35cm Design Elise Fouin for Forestier

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  • Papillon lacquered metal pendant lamp Available in 4 colors: white, black, gray-blue and 3 colors Dimensions: H. 38.4cm - Diam. 56cm Design Elise Fouin for Forestier

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  • Pendant light Ombrelle in acquered metal yellow, blue or white lDiam. 60cm - H. 15cmDesign Jocelyn Deris for La Corbeille EditionsMade in France

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  • Lacquered metal pendant lamp which is available in 3 different colors for the structure Diameter 100 cm - height 25 cm. Design Jocelyn Deris for La Corbeille Editions Made in France

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  • Large suspension (70 cm in diameter) in tinted MDFSun: Diam. 70cm x H. 23cmAvailable in black or in 3 two-color versions: natural / blue, natural / pink, and gray / blueSold flat - Easy and quick assemblyDesign: Van Tjalle in Jasper

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