Because storage often also has a decorative function, we have selected office accessories, bathroom accessories, coat hooks, magazine holders, photo holders or even storage boxes that will allow you to store, sort , classify ... but which will also bring an additional decorative touch to your interior.


  • Bathroom accessories

    Small shelf for storing your toiletries or boxes for cotton swab, ghost or octopus towel whose tentacles hold your shower gels ... our accessories show humor and imagination so that the decoration of your bathroom bath be really original !

  • Boxes

  • Magnet Photos frame

    Metal frame with magnets or mobiles, original solutions and graphics to take your pictures out of the drawers and enjoy them everyday in the lobby, your office ...

  • Coat-hanger

    Aesthetic and clever solutions to hang your clothes from 35 euros.

    Became a real decorative object, the coat rack has experienced an incredible evolution over time. Once found only with its traditional legs, it now comes in a more minimalist and simple furniture but still keeps the elegance of its ancestor to classic lines. La Trash offers you a choice of wall coat racks with a surprising design. You will find atypical and very original models, always of very good quality! These coat hooks require very little space so they can easily find their place in any room of your home by being perfectly aesthetic and functional! Their touch of modernity will only enhance the decor of your home while putting you in the air everyday.

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Showing 25 - 48 of 79 items
Showing 25 - 48 of 79 items